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StockPair Meta Trader - LogoMany trader wonder how they could combine StockPair, one of the world’s best binary option brokers, with Meta Trader, the world’s best trading software. This article will tell you how.

1. Open an account with StockPair

First, you have to open an account with StockPair. Follow the link we provided you, fill in your information into the form, and transfer some money to your account using credit card or wire transfer. After this quick and easy process, you are ready to begin trading.

If possible, transfer at least $5,000 into your account. This will secure the gold account status, which provides you with a number of lucrative extras, such as 1% cash back and having a trade expert analyze your trades.

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2. Download and install Meta Trader

Now you have to download Meta Trader. Meta Trader is a free trading software you can get from many website. We recommend Download Meta Trader, and follow the instructions to run Meta Trader on your computer.

Alternatively, you can also download Meta Trader on your mobile device. Check the Apple App Store or the Google Play store

Connect Meta Trader and your StockPair accounts

Unfortunately, Meta Trader has no built-in support for binary options. Don’t worry, though. You can connect Meta Trader and your StockPair account using a connection provider. Connection providers translate the signals created by your Meta Trader, translate them into a language your binary option broker can understand, and execute the trade immediately.

There is a wealth of connection providers available. Some of them work better with certain brokers than others, but since StockPair is one of the biggest binary option broker out there, any serious connection provider should support StockPair.

To be on the safe side, we recommend using MT4ToBinary, one of the most popular and well established connection providers. Should you use decide to use a different connection provider, make sure to check the provider’s list of supported brokers. If StockPair is not on this list, contact the connection provider’s support and ask them if they can connect you anyway. If they cannot, you have to choose a different provider.

4. Start trading

Once you set up your StockPair account, your Meta Trader and your connection provider, you can start trading. Any trading decision you make in your Meta Trader will now automatically be executed in your StockPair account.

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