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StockPair Payout - LogoDo you want to get all the information about the StockPair payout? You’ve come to the right place.

StockPair uses a fair and innovative payout system. Conservative investors can generate payout of up to 90 percent with high / low options, more innovative investors can even generate up to 200 percent payouts with pair options.

StockPair payout for high / low options

On paper, StockPair offers a payout of up to 85 percent for high / low options. Depending on the expiration time, the asset you use, and the direction you invest in, your payout can vary. There is also a way to increase your payout.

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One way to increase your payout is to use StockPair’s cash back model. Depending on your account type, StockPair will pay you a cash back for your overall investment of up to 3 percent. Since you will win about two thirds of your trades, a 3 percent cash back is equivalent to a 5 percent higher payout. In other words: When we count all factors, StockPair offers you a payout of up to 90 percent, an incredibly high number.

Things get even better when we consider the effects of compound interest. Then, StockPair’s cash back model can make a huge difference. Over 100 trades, an additional return of 3 percent will increase your account balance by a factor of 19.22 or 1,922 percent (1.03 times 100 equals 19.22).

StockPair payout for pair options

When trading pair options, you can receive a higher variety of payout than with high / low options. The reason for this is that pair options use an end of day, end of week, or end of month expiration time.

Therefore, you rarely invest when both assets have gained equally much since the option started. Most of the time one asset will have outperformed the other since the start of the day, week or month, and you have to predict whether it will keep its lead or whether the other asset can overtake it until the option expires.

Often, especially when one asset is in a clear lead and the expiration time is getting close, pair options have a clear favorite. The payout will resemble this relation. In this situation, the clear favorite might only get a payout of 10 percent, while the underdog can easily get a payout of 200 percent.

This relation allows for the use of creative strategy that either make safe investments with a low payout or very risky investments that can generate a high payout if their prediction is right.

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