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StockPair Strategy - Logo Do you want help comming up with the best StockPair Strategy ? This article helps you do just that.

By offering its users two very different binary option types with different payout models, StockPair creates a great deal of versatility that enables you to employ a wide ranging selection of assets. In this article, we present you with the three types of trading strategies StockPair enables you to employ.

1) A conventional StockPair strategy for high / low options

For high / low options, StockPair offers a payout of up to 85%. By factoring in StockPair’s cash back system, the payout can be increased to up to 90% per winning trade. This is an incredibly high value.

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To turn this value into money, you do not need a fancy strategy. Stay with conventional predictions on at least a medium time frame and make sure to keep your winning percentage high. Then you should be all right.

One way to do this is to trade secure signals:

2) A riskier strategy for high / low options

StockPair’s high payout also enables you to use a riskier strategy that generates more signals. You might win fewer of those signals, but could turn the higher number of trades into a higher profit in the same time.

For a risky strategy, simply reverse the instructions of point 1. Trade:

  • Simple candlestick formations,
  • Strategies that use only one indicator, and
  • Use short time frames of 15 minutes or shorter.

3) Bet on the front runner with pair options

When trading pair options, you have to predict which of two assets will outperform the other over a given period of time. Since one asset will be currently in the lead, there is a clear front runner and an underdog, and the payout will reflect that.

By betting on the front runner, you can make a safe bet, but will only get a small payout. This means you have to win a lot of your trades. To achieve this, make sure to invest in a quiet market environment. You can identify a quiet market environment by using volatility indicators such as the Average True Range.

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4) Bet on the underdog with pair options

When betting on the underdog with pair options, you need to find a nervous market environment where anything can happen. Do this by using volatility indicators.

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