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StockPair Trading Hours - logoAre you wondering when you can invest in stocks using StockPair? This article will tell you everything you need to know about the StockPair trading hours.

Overview over the StockPair trading hours

StockPair’s large list of assets enables you to trade anytime you want from Monday to Friday.

Some Assets are traded throughout the entire week. This applies to currencies, and commodities. As long as one of the major stock markets in Europe, North America, or Asia is open, you can invest in currencies and commodities.

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With stocks, things are a little more complicated. Every stock is traded at its home stock exchange. General Motors is traded in New York, Toyota in Tokyo, BMW in Frankfurt, and so on. To invest in these stocks, you have to trade when their respective markets are open. When their home markets are closed, you cannot invest in a binary option because there is no price movement to base a binary option on.

The table below this post tells you when each market opens and closes. As long as you want to invest in a specific stock, you have to adhere to these opening times. If you want to invest in stocks in general, however, StockPair’s large selection of assets enables you to find an open market during any time of the day. Therefore, you can also invest at every time of the day.

Compared to other brokers that offer a smaller selection of assets, StockPair enables traders to trade from every time zone and at every time of the day. That is a huge plus in flexibility, and helps every trader to employ the strategy he wants to use at every time.

StockPair’s full list of trading hours looks like this:

Trade OpenTrade CloseClosing Price
NASDAQMonday-Friday09:30 (EST)16:00 (EST)16:10 (EST)
NYSEMonday-Friday09:30 (EST)16:00 (EST)16:10 (EST)
London Stock ExchangeMonday-Friday8:00 (GMT)16:30 (GMT)16:40 (GMT)
Xetra FrankfurtMonday-Friday09:00 (CET)17:30 (CET)17:40 (CET)
Euronext ParisMonday-Friday09:00 (CET)17:30 (CET)17:40 (CET)
Euronext AmsterdamMonday-Friday09:00 (CET)17:30 (CET)17:40 (CET)
Moscow ExchangeMonday-Friday07:00 (UTC)15:40 (UTC)15:50 (UTC)
Australian Securities ExchangeMonday-Friday10:00 (EST)16:00 (EST)16:15 (EST)
NYMEXMonday-Friday07:00 (EST)15:00 (EST)15:00 (EST)
COMEXMonday-Friday05:00 (EST)15:00 (EST)15:00 (EST)
Forex 24Monday-Friday00:00 (CET)23:50 (CET)23:50 (CET)
ForexMonday-Friday07:00 (GMT)21:00 (GMT)21:00 (GMT)

[table id=18/]

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