Strategies for High Risk Traders

If you are a trader that is willing to take some risk as long as it enables you to make a lot of money in a short period of time, you should pick one of the strategies we present you in this article.

To qualify as a risky strategy with high potential, a strategy has to fulfill two criteria:

  1. It has to generate many signals. To make a lot of many quickly, you need to make a lot of trades.
  2. It has to generate a high payout with every winning trade. The more money you can make on a single trade, the higher returns you can generate in a short period of time.

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3 strategies for high risk traders

With these criteria, the perfect strategies for you are:

a) Trading swings in a trend with touch options

If you diagnosed a trend, you can estimate how far each single movement from point 3 to point 2 and vice versa will move. This enables you to invest in a touch option and make a nice profit with each swing. The touch option will generate a high payout, and since you are trading every single swing of a trend, you will have plenty of investment opportunities.

b) Trading breakouts with touch options

There are plenty of opportunities to trade breakouts:

If you want to generate many signals, you have to trade most of these opportunities. If you trade them with touch options, you will also be able to generate the high payout you need to make a lot of money in a short period of time.

c) Trading gaps with touch options

If you are able to distinguish the different gap types, investing in gaps that are likely to close with touch options is a strategy that can help you generate high returns.

Since the size of the gap lets you predict the range of the movement relatively exactly, you can win a binary option with a high payout almost every time you found a closing gap.

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