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Top Option Affiliate - logoThe Top Option affiliate program offers bonuses of up to $500 for each referred customer. Learn how to make money by helping friends sign up to Top Option now!

How does the Top Option affiliate program work?

An affiliate program is a simple concept: You refer a customer to a broker and get a reward. The customer gets the opportunity to make a lot of money, and the broker a new customer – everybody wins.

There are, however, some affiliate programs that reward you more than others and provide you with better opportunities to earn money. Of all binary options affiliate programs out there, the TopOption affiliate program is among the top-3 programs. There are mainly two reasons for this high standing:

1. Shared affiliate program

The more customers you refer with an affiliate program, the more money you get. To increase the number of potential customers you can refer, Top Option uses an affiliate program called Affiliates Markets, which also offers affiliate bonus for referrals to, another trading platform.

Signing up for Affiliate Markets will allow you to refer customers to two traders at once, thereby increasing your potential to make money significantly. A trader does not want to use Top Option’s binary options products? Maybe you can reach them with a referral to Markets. Without the double option of the Top Option affiliate program, you would have lost this referral.

2. High rewards for referred customers

With many affiliate programs, you get rewards of $50 or $100 per referral. With Top Option’s Affiliates Markets program, however, you can receive up to $500 per referral. This is significantly more than you can get anywhere else.

How much money you get depends on the amount of money your referred customer deposits into their account:

  • Deposits of $100 – $249 get you a bonus of $35.
  • Deposits of $250 – $499 get you a bonus of $50.
  • Deposits of $500 – $1,999 get you a bonus of $75.
  • Deposits of $2,000 – $10,000 get you a bonus of $350.
  • Deposits of $10,000 or more can get you an even higher reward. Your account manager will work out the details with you.

The magic number here is $2,000. If you manage five referrals of $2,000 per month, you receive an income of $1,750 – a nice extra with little effort. Anybody who already has a blog, a large social media following, or a big group of friends can easily make this much money.

3. Multiple referral options

With Top Option’s Affiliates Markets program, you can refer new customers in a number of different ways, each perfectly suited for a certain type of broker:

1.      Introducing broker program: As an introducing broker, you create your own binary options broker. Top Option will provide you with all the technical details – trading platform, banking, customer support etc. – and you only need to do the branding and marketing. Each new customer for your broker will automatically count as a referral.

2.      Refer a friend program: If you do not want to create your own broker, you can refer customers directly to Top Option and get rewarded with the refer a friend program.


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