TopOption Demo

TopOption Demo - logoDo you want to test TopOption before signing up? We explain how you can do it for free and why you don’t need a TopOption demo account.

Do you need a TopOption demo account?

As a binary options trader, you should be a true professional. This means that you should not buy anything without testing it first and that you should never simply believe someone’s great promises – always form your opinion.

According with this principle, a demo account has been a must-have requirement of any binary options trader for decades. Before you sign up with a broker and entrust them with your money, you should demo their service, too.

Luckily, you no longer need a demo account for that. In the early days, trading binary options required you to download a broker’s software and install it to your computer. You would then have to sit in front of the same device every time you wanted to trade. In these days, you needed a demo account to login to the software platform you would download from your broker.

The recent developments in mobile technology have rendered this isolating trading style obsolete. Binary options brokers now provide an online trading platform that can be accessed from any device with internet access, thereby also rendering a demo account obsolete.

Now everybody can simply access TopOption’s website via their website. You can study first hand which payouts you would get in real trading, which assets Top Option offers, and how their different binary option types perform under real trading conditions.

Simply open TopOption’s website, and, right on their home page, watch TopOption’s trading platform in action for a while, try a few different assets, and see which assets you would get under different trading circumstances. You should get a pretty good feeling for how much success you can have with TopOption. If you like what you see, you can sign up with TopOption. If you do not like what you see, you can try another broker.

Of course, this type of testing a binary option broker will not allow you to make trades. You can, however, simply make some paper trades. When you have found a situation you would invest in, note the price, the expiry, and the payout. Wait until your option would have expired and note if you would have won and the profit you would have made. Repeat the process a few times, and you will know for sure how well your strategy works with TopOption.


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