TopOption Minimum Deposit

TopOption Minimum Deposit - logoStarting your binary options trading career with the TopOption minimum deposit is easy. $250 are enough. But there is good reason to invest a little more.

How much is the TopOption minimum deposit?

While the TopOption minimum deposit requirements are similar to those of most binary options brokers, they provide uniquely rewarding conditions that make depositing even small amounts attractive.

With TopOption, the minimum deposit is $250. This is industry standard. What exceeds any industry standard is the bonus that TopOption offers for their minimum deposit: A whopping 50%. Most other binary options brokers do not offer a bonus for such a small deposit, and those who do only offer 20%.

Having an additional help at the start of your binary option career is especially important to new traders with little money. A bonus of 50% can go long ways to keep you in business and allow you to make some rookie mistakes.

There is, however, one good reason to deposit more than $250. Any deposit of $500 or more will get a 100% deposit bonus. $500 is not that much more than $250, and most new traders should be able to safe enough money to deposit $500.

The rewards for a $500 deposit by far exceed what a $250 deposit can get you. With a 50% bonus, a $250 deposit will result in a final account balance of $375 ($250 x 1.5 = $375). Because of the much higher 100% bonus, however, a deposit of $500 will result in a final account balance of $1,000 ($500 x 2 = $1,000).

In other words, an extra deposit of $250 will result in an increased account balance of $1,000 instead of $375 – a $625 gain on a $250 investment, and a return of 150%. Making money has never been easier.

We therefore strongly encourage all traders to at least deposit $500 with TopOption if you open a new account. While the actual minimum deposit is only $250, the rewards of depositing $500 or more are so impressive that you should always try to get the additional push to start your trading career.

Of course, even a $500 deposit is what you should consider the minimum deposit. To start a successful trading career, you might want to think about investing more, if you are able to. Most traders start their careers with $2,000 to $2,500, providing them with a bigger cushion to make some mistakes during their learning phase.

Also consider: You only get a 100% bonus on your initial deposit. If you have more money available, do not wait to invest. Invest right away. You can still make small investments per trade, thereby keeping your risk low.


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