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TR Binary Options High/Low Options give you a number of highly innovative variations of regular high/low options. Learn how these variations can help you make more money.

Find innovative variations with the TR Binary Options High/Low Options

TR Binary Options has specialized themselves in high/low options. Aside from the regular high/low options, where you have to predict whether an asset will rise or fall over a given period of time, TR Binary Options also offers a number of innovative variations of high/low options:

Option builder

With option builder, you can create your own high/low option. Instead of having to choose from a pre-defined set of assets and expiration times, option builder allows you to combine any asset with any expiration time you want. Expiration time do not come in such big steps as one hour and two hours, but you can choose any time you want over the next 24 hours in five minute steps to let your option expire.

Option builder allows you a new level of control, never before seen with binary options. You can trade very accurately and make down to minute predictions, which enables you to take advantage of market movements you could not take advantage of with regular high/low options.


ProOption is another variation of high/low options that allows you to take more control of your trading. ProOption introduce the ability to manage your binary option mid-trade. With regular binary options, there is nothing you can do after you chose to invest. You will either win or lose your option.

With ProOption, however, you can adjust your option to what is happening in the market.

  • Your option looks like a sure winner? ProOption enable you to double your investment mid-trade.
  • You think your prediction will come true, but only after your option expired? ProOption allow you to extend your trade.
  • You want to take your profit and end your option before the market turns against you? ProOption allow you to close your option early.

This added element of control and strategic options opens entirely new worlds of trading possibilities.

60 seconds options

Probably the most common variation of high/low options, 60 seconds options use a much shorter expiry time of only 60 seconds. This shorter expiration time means you can make more trades in the same amount of time, thereby making a bigger potential profit. Since shorter market environments are more erratic, 60 seconds options require special techniques and their own trading strategies.


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