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To achieve the highest possible payouts, you have to know these tricks to the TR Binary Options payouts. One of them can even make your trading more secure.

How to make the most of TR Binary Options Payouts

Get the highest payouts with one touch options

To get the highest payouts with TR Binary Options, you must invest in one touch options. One touch options offer payouts of up to 500%. This means, if you win your one touch option, you can get up to 5 times your investment in profits.

To win your one touch option, you have to predict whether the underlying asset will reach the predefined target price over a given period of time or not. In contrast to high / low options, one touch options do not require the market to remain beyond the predefined price level. You can win your option even if the market only touches the target price once and turn around immediately afterwards – hence the name one touch options.

Manage your payout with OptionPro

OptionPro is a new trading tool that provides traders with more flexibility. Instead of being tied to one payout, you can manage your option and the possible payout after you invested:

  • If your option is a sure winner, you can double your investment, thereby increasing your payout.
  • If your option needs a little more time, you can extend the expiry time of your option, thereby turning a losing trade into a winning trade and increasing your payout from 0% to a higher value.
  • If the market threatens to turn against you, you can end your option early, thereby also turning a losing trade into a winning trade and increasing your payout from 0% to a higher value.

With these three methods, OptionPro can help you make more money than with regular high / low options, while at the same time reducing your risk. You might not actually achieve a higher average payout, but since you can end trades end double your investment on winners, you will be able to win more trades and increase your investment on winning trades – sure ways to increase your returns.


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