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TR Binary Options has two distinct advantages that make it the perfect broker for some traders. Learn about these advantages in our TR Binary Options review!

Detailed TR Binary Options Review

TR Binary Options has a number of distinct advantages over other binary option brokers. Depending on your trading strategy, these advantages might make TR Binary Options the perfect broker for you. TR Binary Options’ unique advantages are:

1. Largest selection of pair assets on the web

Pair assets are a unique way of trading binary options. Instead of investing in a single asset and predicting what this asset’s price will do, pair options allow you to invest in two assets in relation to each other. You have to predict which asset will outperform the other.

Being able to invest in two assets in relation to each other has a number of distinct advantages. Often, positive news about an asset conflict with a negative outlook for the entire market or vice versa. As a trader, you can’t be sure which element will prevail, which makes it hard to invest in a binary option based on this asset. You can, however, predict relatively safely that an asset with a positive influence today will outperform a similar asset without this positive influence. With pair options, you can take advantage of this easy prediction – an invaluable tool that makes you a better trader.

TR Binary Options offers more pair options than any other broker on the web. You can invest in currencies (EUR vs. USD, etc.), commodities (gold vs. silver, etc.), stocks (BMW vs. Daimler, etc.), and indices (NASDAQ vs. DAX, etc.).

2. Best selection of high / low options of all brokers

Regular high / low options require you to predict whether an asset’s price will rise or fall over a given period of time. While this is a great investment tool, TR Binary Options has found a number of ways to improve on it.

TR Binary Options’ first improvement is called option builder. Option builder allows you to create your own high / low option, based on any asset out of TR Binary Options’ asset catalogue and with any expiry time you like. Instead of having to choose from big steps such as 1 hours and 2 hours, you can define the time your option will end in 5-minute steps.

You want your option to end exactly at 11:55 AM? With option builder, this is no longer a problem. Option builder is a great tool that allows you to trade more accurately and take advantage of market environments you could otherwise not take advantage of.

WE hope you enjoyed the quick TR Binary Options review. If you are looking for more information on this broker, we advise you to read our full review of TR Binary Options here.

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