Tropical Trade Review

Tropical Trade reviewTropical Trade offers more short-term binary options than any other broker. Their long-term options are equally impressive. If you like to invest in ultra-short or long movements, you should take a good look at Tropical Trade. Learn more from our Tropical Trade review.

In this article, Tropical Trade review, you will learn:

  • What’s so special about Tropical Trade?
  • Should I sign up with Tropical Trade?
  • How to sign up with Tropical Trade

With this information, you will be able to decide whether Tropical Trade is the right broker for you and, if it is, to sign up with them.

Tropical Trade review: What’s so special about Tropical Trade?

When you sign up with a binary options broker, you want to make sure that you avoid signing up with a mediocre broker. Having the right broker for you can help you to squeeze out the extra 5 percent in returns that can make all the difference.

So which type of traders can squeeze out these 5 percent with Tropical Trade?

Well, there are mainly two types of traders that can profit from Tropical Trade. Let’s look at them one by one in the Tropical Trade review:

Traders that can profit from Tropical Trade #1: Traders of short-term binary options

Short-term binary options are a unique subtype of binary options. With their focus on a fast-paced, nervous market environment, short-term options include more risk than long-term options. Since they allow you to make more trades in the same period of time, short-term options also enable you to make more money than any other binary options type.

The key to making money on short time-frames is having the right tools, especially having the right expiries that allow you to make accurate predictions and take advantage of all opportunities that you find.

Tropical Trade offers more short-term expiries than any other binary options broker. In their tool called hyper options, they have aggregated expiries from 30 seconds to 600 seconds. On similar tools, other brokers only offer expiries reaching up to 300 seconds, which is why Tropical Trade is offering you the widest span of short-term expiries by far.

This wealth of expiries has two advantages:

1.       You can trade more opportunities: With fewer expiries, you will often find a great opportunity but lack the right tool to take advantage of it. One expiry might be too short, and the next higher might be too long, and before you trade an expiry that fits the situation badly, you decide to pass on it. In terms of maximizing your earnings and avoiding bad trades, this would even be the right decision. With Tropical Trade’s additional expiries, however, you can find the right tool to trade almost every short-term movement. You have to pass on opportunities only rarely, you can implement your strategy better, and, without changing anything about your basic trading style, you can make more money.

2.       You can trade more precisely: If you find a great trading opportunity, you have to choose which expiry to trade it with. In lack of a perfectly fitting expiry, brokers with limited expiries often force you to use an expiry that is either a little too short or a little too long for the opportunity. Even if you made the right prediction, this inaccuracy might cause you to lose your option because the market could peak too early or too late for your expiry. Your winning percentage would be lower than it could be if you had better tools to trade your predictions more accurately. With Tropical Trade’s added expiries, you get these tool. You can find exactly the expiry you need and trade the market with the precision that allows you to increase your winning percentage without having to change your strategy.

Combined, these two advantages can make your trading a lot more profitable. You can trade more opportunities, and you can trade your existing opportunities more precisely, which has a double positive effect on your earnings.

In addition to their expiries on turbo options, Tropical Trade offers another intriguing tool to short-term traders. On regular high / low options, Tropical Trade offers payouts in intervals of 15 minutes. That means if it is 10:20 AM, for example, you could invest in expiries at 10:30 AM, 10:45 AM, and so on. If it is 10:35 AM, you could invest in expiries at 10:45 AM, 11 AM, and so on.

In other words: Tropical Trade’s expiries are fixed to the next 15-minutes step in the hour. As a result, the time to your expiry is variable. As you get closer to the next 15-minutes step in the hour, your expiry becomes shorter – you can vary your expiry as you want.

Traders of short-term assets can use this setup to their advantage. If you want to trade an uptrend that creates a new high every 13 minutes, no other broker will offer you a binary option with such an expiry. With Tropical Trade, however, you can build yourself the right option that allows you to trade this trade.

The consequences of this setup are the same as with Tropical Trade’s added expiries for turbo options: you can trade more opportunities, and you can trade more precisely. Both advantages help you to maximize your profits.

All in all, Tropical Trade offers a number of intriguing features for short-term traders. Used in the right way, these features can help you to trade short-term predictions more successfully than with any other broker.

Traders that can profit from Tropical Trade #2: Traders of long-term assets

In addition to their short-term expiries, Tropical Trade also offers a selection of long-term expiries. Allowing you to trade predictions that are weeks and months into the future, these expiries enable you to trade fundamental developments and long-term trends.

With other brokers, such expiries are often difficult to find. Most brokers refuse to offer expiries that are longer than a couple of hours or if you are lucky, the end of the day. By allowing you to trade options that last until the end of the year, Tropical Trade opens up a whole new set of possibilities.

If you like binary options but prefer to invest in the long term, Tropical Trade’s long-term expiries could be exactly the tool that you are looking for.

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Tropical Trade review: Should I sign up with Tropical Trade?

Whether you should sign up with Tropical Trade depends on whether you fit one of the categories we defined above. If you like to trade short-term or long-term assets, Tropical Trade can be the perfect broker for you.

To understand this connection, better let’s look at an example. Assume that a short-term trader switches to Tropical Trade. With the added tools at their disposal, the short-term trader can find more trades and trade more accurately, which increases both their winning percentage and the amount of trades they can find.

Let’s use a conservative example and assume that the trader can increase their winning percentage and their number of trades by only one percent each. How much more money would this trader make over one year after they switched to Tropical Trade?

If the trader traded 20 days a month and made 5 trades a day with a winning percentage of 70 percent before they switched to Tropical Trade, they would have won 70 trades per month. With Tropical Trade, they would win 78 trades – an increase of more than 10 percent.

Since this trader would reinvest their profits, these more than ten percent per month would accumulate using the power of compound interest. Within one year, the trader would have made an additional profit of 366 percent. That is a huge difference; especially, when we consider that this trader changed nothing about their trading strategy, did not learn to trade better, and made no other improvements.

In the same way, there is a good chance that any trader of short-term or long-term assets can profit from signing up with Tropical Trade. If you prefer medium-term options, you have to decide for yourself whether you like the features and tools of Tropical Trade better than those of other brokers. The main target groups of Tropical Trade are short-term and long-term traders.

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Tropical Trade review: How to sign up with Tropical Trade

If Tropical Trade sounds like a broker you want to try, you should consider signing up with them. The signup process is quick and easy. All you have to do is follow one of our links to the Tropical Trade signup form, fill out the form, and click “send.” Then you have created your account. Since the form only requires the most essential of information, you can complete within a minute.

Once you have created your account, you need to deposit money in it – without money, you have nothing to trade. We recommend depositing money via credit card because credit card deposits are booked to your account immediately. If you choose credit card deposits, you can complete the entire signup process and start trading within a few minutes.


Tropical Trade is a great broker for short-term and long-term traders. Offering expiries no other broker can match, Tropical Trade provides short-term and long-term traders with more options, more possibilities, and, as a consequence, a higher earning potential.

If you like to trade short-term or long-term options yourself, you should strongly consider signing up with Tropical Trade.

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