Tropical Trade Scam

Tropical Trade ScamBinary options can help you make money online. Sounds like a scam? We tell you whether there is a Tropical Trade scam.

In this article, you will learn:

  • Can you trust Tropical Trade?
  • Is Tropical Trade a good binary options broker?
  • Is Tropical Trade safe?

With this knowledge, you will able to make a well-informed decision on whether you trust Tropical Trade.

Tropical Trade scam: Can you trust Tropical Trade?

The most important point in choosing a binary options broker is trust. You want to be sure that your broker is offering a solid business, that there is no illegal business going on, and that your broker is not trying to cheat you.

With Tropical Trade, you do not have to be concerned about these things. All our tests have shown Tropical Trade to be a trustworthy, honest business:

  • We have never heard about a trader that has been cheated out of their money.
  • Tropical Trade does not apply any hidden fees or is trying to cheat you out of your money in any other way.

Consequently, we have to conclude that Tropical Trade is a trustworthy business.

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Tropical Trade scam: Is Tropical Trade a good binary options broker?

Tropical Trade is a great binary options broker for traders that want to make money by trading short-term options. Short-term options offer ultra-short expiries of only a few minutes. Enabling you to make more trades in the same period of time, short-term options increase your winning potential compared to other option types that allow fewer trades.

If you trade for one hour per day, for example, you will only find a limited number of trading opportunities. With an option with a 60-seconds expiry, however, you could potentially place 20 or 30 trades. Assuming the same winning percentage, a strategy with 20 trades a day will make you significantly more money than a strategy with five trades.

The unique thing about Tropical Trade’s short-term options is their variety. While other brokers offer only a very limited amount of short-time expiries (often only one or two), Tropical Trade offers short-term traders the full arsenal of tools. Tropical Trade offers these expiries on their short-term options, which are called hyper options:

  • 30 seconds,
  • 60 seconds,
  • 120 seconds,
  • 300 seconds, and
  • 600 seconds.

With these expiries, you have the tools to trade any short-term movement you want. Consequently, Tropical Trade puts you in the perfect position to trade more short-term movements and trade them more accurately than with the limited expiries other traders offer.

While all other option types in Tropical Trade’s arsenal fulfill the highest standards, too, their short-term options alone are enough to qualify Tropical Trade as a high-quality broker. If the prospect of trading short-term options sounds appealing to you, we suggest you consider Tropical Trade strongly.

Tropical Trade scam: Is Tropical Trade safe?

The final point in our analysis is safety. Many binary options traders are so focused on high payouts that they forget to check for the safety of their binary options broker. Consequently, they sometimes sign up with brokers that have cut costs in the safety department and that offer a less than safe service.

Tropical Trade is not one of these brokers.

  • Tropical Trade encrypts every communication between you and their platform with the SSL standard, the safest encryption protocol the web has to offer. With this standard protecting your data, login information, and all the other things you send to the Tropical Trade trading platform, you can be absolutely sure that nobody will intercept your information and, for example, steal your password.
  • Even if someone steals your password, Tropical Trade keeps you completely safe. Any withdrawal from your account can only go to one of two destinations:
  1. The credit-card you deposited the money with.
  2. A bank account in your name.

With only these two options available, there is no chance for someone to steal your money.

  • Even if someone has the same name as you, the thorough withdrawal process we laid out above will force them to provide pictures of your ID and a proof of residence before they could withdraw money to an account you have not used before. Since only you have these documents, you can be completely sure that nobody will steal your money with Tropical Trade.

Combined, these three security features guarantee that you can trade with Tropical Trade as safely as you could with a big bank.


Tropical Trade offers a safe, trustworthy, and high potential business. Nothing Tropical Trade does or has done would qualify them as a scam. On the contrary, they do their best to keep criminals away from their business and your money safe.

Your main criteria for deciding on whether to sign up with Tropical Trade should be your preferred time frame. If you like short-term options, Tropical Trade will be a good broker for you.

Generally speaking, short-term options allow you to make more money in a shorter period of time than other option types but also include more risk because they require you to make predictions in a highly volatile, nervous market environment. If taking the risk to increase profits sounds appealing to you, we suggest you follow one of our links and give Tropical Trade a try now.


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