uBinary Demo

uBinary Demo - logoDo you want to start trading binary options? Then you should try uBinary, the only broker that offers 95% payouts. We explain how the uBinary demo works.

How to test the uBinary demo

uBinary is an amazing broker. They offer payouts of up to 95 percent – the highest in all binary options – and they do not require you to deposit insane amounts of money to get them. In line with these great features, uBinary also makes it very easy to demo and evaluate their service.

All you have to do is go to the home page of uBinary’s website. While other brokers often try to make it difficult to demo their service, obviously rather having your believe in vague promises than finding out the truth for yourself, uBinary offers you the possibility to test their service right there on the most prominent place of their website.

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Simply scroll down until you see uBinary’s trading platform pictured in a tablet. This is not simply a picture, it is a fully functional trading platform with instructions. Every step of the trading process is outlined clearly and explained by a speech bubble and an arrow that’s pointing you to the right button.

First, you have to select your asset from the drop down menu to the upper left. Then select the direction you want to invest in by clicking one of the arrows on the right side – click green to invest in rising prices and red to invest in falling prices.

Now, the platform will switch to investment mode. Enter the amount of money you want to invest and click “submit”. uBinary will simulate your trade and tell you how much you would have won if this would have been a real trade.

Of course, since this is a demo, you can neither win nor lose money this way. But you can get an idea of how well uBinary is working for you. Should be satisfied with their service, you can sign up with uBinary for free.

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After you signed up with uBinary, you can also access uBinary’s full trading platform. Since you do not need to deposit any money with uBinary to complete the registration process, this works as an extended demo. Simply check all the workings of the trading platform and see if it works for you. If it does – great. Deposit money with uBinary and enjoy successful trading career. If it doesn’t – never mind. You can simply forget about uBinary and will never have to make any payments or hear from them again.


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