uTrader Review

uTrader Review - logoAre you looking for a binary options broker that will help you find new ways to make more money? Learn exactly what you need from the uTrader review!

The essential uTrader Review

The uTrader review gives an indepth description of a very unique broker. With its type of promotions, uTrader targets brokers who – despite the serious nature of binary options trading – want to keep the playfulness and the fun alive in trading. While this might sound like a strange combination, it can be a great idea that helps some brokers reach new heights in their trading career. To understand how this can work, let us take a look at the details.

The key to understanding uTrader is understanding their bonus system. While uTrader offers the all the conventional such as a deposit bonus of up to 150 bonus, but they also offer some unique innovative bonuses.

First of all, uTrader offers a number of risk free trades. With these trades, you can invest in a binary option as you normally would, and if you win your option, you will get the same payout as you normally would. If you lose your option, however, you will not lose any money. uTrader will cover your loss and reimburse you your money.

On these risk free trades, the exact number and the maximum investment per trade depends on your overall deposit with uTrader. Regardless of the exact numbers, however, risk free trades are a great deal to get an additional burst at the start of your trading career. In many ways, risk free trades are an addition to your deposit bonus.

In addition to the deposit bonus, uTrader offers a monthly challenge. Currently, this challenge involves placing as many trades as possible per month. The trader with the most trades will get a $25,000 bonus, the runner ups get $20,000 and $15,000 respectively.

These types of challenges can be a great tool to make some extra money, but, more importantly, they are also a great tool to improve your trading. If you decide to take part in the most trades challenges, for examples, you are faced with the challenge of finding more trading opportunities. Since you can’t be sure to win the challenge – after all there will be thousands of other contestants – you can’t just place random trades that cost you money. You need to find a way to place more trades while still making money.

This challenge might give you a new perspective on trading binary options, get you out of comfort zone, and show you some trading opportunities that you either did not think of before or were too lazy or too afraid to take. As a consequence, uTrader’s challenges can help you to improve your trading significantly.

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